Good Advice When a Small Munsterlander Pup Arrives...

I recommend feeding a reputable, baked, ready-made dog food. For the first 8 to 12 months buy a special puppy food and - by all means – pay a little more!

Serve as recommended on the package for a middle-sized dog 4 to 5 times a day until 4 months of age. Then 3 times a day and later, at 6 to 8 months of age, twice a day. Take care that your puppy is not getting fat. Never serve milk if not soured.


Avoid too much heavy exercise until after 8-10 months of age. Shun flights of stairs and jumping. No cycling exercise before 12 months of age – start with 10 mins rounds and increase gradually. Your SM puppy should not run on macadamized surfaces, and only at his/her own pace alongside the bicycle.


NEVER lift your SM puppy by the forelegs. Put one hand between the forelegs to rest on the brisket and support the hindquarters with your other hand. Now lift and embrace your puppy. Be aware that your puppy often throws itself back when lifted, at the same time turning the body.


Your SM puppy was wormed at the ages of 3, 5, and 6 weeks, respectively. This should be repeated at 3, 6 and 12 months of age. Use an internationally recognized preparation, such as Panacur or Banminth. Otherwise follow the advice of your vet.


Already from day 1 in your household, you should practice a rigorous regime to housetrain your SM puppy. By nature your SM is cleanly, so it's up to you how long time it will take to learn to use the outdoor toilet. A small puppy does not have the ability to contain itself for a longer period of time. If it's now – then it's now, quickly! Take it out every time after a meal and after sleeping time + at any other time you feel like it... PRAISE, every time it succeeds. Still, be prepared to wipe up piddle ponds the first couple of weeks, it's not always you manage to get out in time. Control of larger matters of nature is easier to manage. If your puppy starts circling and whining, lift it up fast and carry it outside. It will soon have got the hang of it and relieve nature outside instead of on the carpet indoors. Never punish your SM puppy if things go wrong indoors; rather you should blame yourself for not having performed well enough, and timely, by taking the puppy out. Gradually, with age, the puppy will gain better control of its bowels, thus being able to contain itself for a lengthier period of time.