Activating Your SM Puppy

Exercise and activity are of the greatest importance for the well-being of your SM. A well brought-up dog living in harmony with his family and his surroundings is a happy dog in good mental condition. As a puppy, your SM needs a lot of sleep, and it is very important that he is NEVER interrupted while asleep. It may result in a stressed and ill-adapted dog. Don't slog and order about the puppy when it's awake. Let it decide its own pace. It's alright to activate him by various forms of training and exercise, however then quietly and calmly. Be aware how you play with your puppy. Sticks and balls are perhaps not so good. This type of playing may easily create a stressed situation. If your puppy gets all worked up and agitated, then stop playing at once. Remember – you're the boss, and you decide when playing is commenced and when to stop.

As the puppy grows older, he can be taken for a walk. Still, everything is to be according to his pace. If he tires, then lift him up and carry him home.

Don't be afraid to take him around the neighborhood. He needs to experience new situations – not least other dogs. This is an excellent way of exercising. See to it that he is not 'overmatched', however.

A puppy course from the age of 4 months is really something for you and your puppy. If possible, continue to the next level puppy obedience course. This will be very stimulating for both you and your puppy, strengthening the bonds between you – however, wait until the age of 7-8 months. Not until then will you benefit from this type of course. In between there may be a period of some restlessness and uneasiness on the part of the puppy because of dentition. This usually takes a month or two, depending .. Get an active relationship with your puppy.... possibilities are legion… just use your imagination. Everything from fetching the morning paper at the mail box to exercising hunting, tracking, obedience, agility are exercises that you and your puppy do TOGETHER. Face him with problems to be solved. Your SM loves to work and a dog who is stimulated both physically and mentally is a happy dog.