Your Puppy Bites and Gnaws at Everything Within Reach…

The time from your SM puppy arrives in your home till dentition takes place around 4-6 months of age can be very cumbersome indeed. The small, pointed puppy teeth get caught on all and everything. The children in the family in particular get to literally feel this problem. They play with the puppy, he becomes eager and starts biting – result = tears and crying.

Well, you must expect some tears if you decide to purchase a puppy before your young family members are grown-up enough to correct him on their own. Puppies playing in the crate are all yelping and some biting. All pups get through a period when everything has to be experienced through oral contact. If you cuddle him, then he bites your fingers or throws himself on your shoes with a firm grip on your socks or trousers. Not in any aggressive way, but just because he wants to play. In this way he continues as soon he arrives in his new home.

However, be consoled, this biting and gnawing can be controlled. If the pup is in your lap and you start cuddling him, and then he starts to bite, just pinch him by the lip and say "NO". Start cuddling again the moment the biting stops. If it grows worse, however, then you set him down on the floor and ignore him – totally. If he throws himself onto your naked toes, take him by the ear, saying firmly "NO". You may also divert his attention by handing him one of his own toys. If your SM puppy is really having a fit, throwing himself on you to play, then you are allowed to react spontaneously, in fact. Sound real angry, bend down and lift the little culprit up by the skin of his neck, and "shout" "NO".

This type of punishment must be over in a matter of  SECONDS, and if done in the right way even the most stubborn of puppies will have got the message. Don't feel guilty afterwards, for God's sake, and if you continue by consoling the unhappy soul immediately afterwards the whole action will have been in vain, of course. If the punishment takes place in the moment of 'crime' and is not prolonged, such an outburst may be rather sound once in a while. If you have seen a bitch putting a puppy in his place you know this to be true.

As early as possible you must let your pup understand that it's "UGH" to bite or gnaw at anything but his own playthings. Furniture, rugs, shoes, etc. are out of bounds. He will probably give it a try and the first period will be one of guidance on your part. Hopefully, he will soon see the point. First and foremost, you should be consistent and firm, correcting EVERY time he sinks his teeth into something which is not his plaything.