My Puppy Runs Off When I Want to Pick Him Up...

This is good in one way because it indicates a puppy that loves to run and hunt, and he runs away because he doesn't want to stop. But it is an aggravating trait and should not be tolerated.

Try to avoid building this fault into your puppy. Don't let him come to think that every time he is called in the fun is over. Call him in several times during his run, pet and praise him, and then give him his freedom again.

If necessary, run him with a 10-foot cord dragging from his collar. Loosen the collar one hole so that the pup can slip it if he gets snagged out of your sight. The chance of snagging is slight if you use a 318-in. nylon cord burned or taped on the ends, but why take chances? When you return to the car and the pup runs around the car or by you, step on the rope and catch him. Pet him and put him in the car.