SM 'Caro' - 1875  

The male SM "Caro" is usually considered to be the first, documented ancestor of Small Muensterlaenders.


In an article titled 'The Spion, a long forgotten hunting dog breed', Edmund Löns writes,

-'I am certain that many hunters among my readers are familiar with this breed, and also have hunted with it. I urge all those people to notify me of their experience with these Wachtel type hunting dogs. I have been informed that in the vicinity of Dorsten-Hervest you may still find a strain few in number, and above all I ask the breeder, a certain forester whose name I have forgotten, to kindly submit any further information he may possess.- "

Löns wrote this on February 8, 1912

On February 18, he received an answer from gamekeeper Bernhard Wolberg in Hervest by Dorsten who stated that he himself used these Small Muensterlaenders for hunting, and breeding as well. This line could be traced all the way back to 1860 because for many years it had been bred by Ludwig von Hamm in Coesfeld. Wolberg had bought 3 dogs of that line in 1906.

Some time later, a further response arrived. On December 11, 1912, he received mail from Chief Engineer Fritz Noelle of Wübental, in the Sudetenland,

"It is evident that for more than 40 years we have had this breed in our household, my poor father, my brothers, and I, too. I have been hunting over several hunting breeds, some of them very good indeed, but never found one better than our small Spions, who were the most excellent all-rounders. So, anyone who has been out hunting with the Spion can certify to their excellence. In my hometown of Lüdenscheid, in the Sauerland, these clever, nice dogs could be found in many households. Indeed, in my youth hunters almost exclusively used the small Spion.-"

In the mail, Löns also found a photo showing the male SM"Caro", born 1867, who was the last of the breed to be in the family's possession.

This photo, then, is the oldest documented proof of the Small Muensterlaender Pointer.

Ancestry is not known -- but you may certainly recognize Heitmann's dogs in this photo.