In many ways Löns was a very passionate person  - - and at times even extremely temperamental. He fell out with many people because he maintained his views very persistently, often totally disregarding whether his abusive remarks would offend his opponents.
For many years almost from the foundation of the German breed club in 1912, he fought incessantly to avoid the SM breed being lumped with other hunting breeds under the auspices of the German hunting dog federation. As he saw it, SMs were to be judged on their own terms. Eventually, the outcome was that he and his followers went their own ways, founding a 'competing' breed club in 1930. It was dissolved, however, in 1934.
Ca. 1930
WW. 2 put an end to club work, and breeding came almost to a halt. Already in 1946, however, the two competing clubs were revived, and in 1961 they were amalgamated into one. Löns had resumed his struggle all the way into the German courts. He died in 1964 after a long life full of impassionate strife to attain his goal to create a versatile, small, allround, pointing 'Heidewachtel'.
Ca. 1950