Forest Ranger Edmund Löns (1880 – 1964).

Photo (1923) shows Löns with (from left) "Halli v.d. Sonnenau" 813, "Sellman Löns" 652, "Frigg v. Westerloy" 403, and "Lony v. Edewecht" 208.


Löns was an ardent tracker dog hunter, rearing several breeds. He dedicated himself to the Small Muensterlaender, which was so easily handled and trained. He always referred to the breed as the 'Heidewachtel', remaining loyal to the breed until his death. He bears a great responsibility for the conformation and capabilities of the breed. In his breeding program he always took his own courses. He was seldom in agreement with what he termed the 'sporting dog fanciers', and instead he demanded dogs to be tested under real hunting conditions, including a special test to show the breed's natural pointing abilities. In many circles he was considered stubborn and contentious and he defended his points of view very persistently and often quite provocatively.

Forsthaus Mettingen, Löns' home for many years.
'Ewigkeit', where Löns hunted with his 'Heidewachtel'.